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Welcome to Kearny Mesa Subaru Reviews! Kearny Mesa Subaru is located at 4797 Convoy St in San Diego, CA. Kearny Mesa Subaru is both a new and used Subaru dealership. The reviews below are real reviews by real people, unfiltered to give you the best possible idea of how doing business with Kearny Mesa Subaru will be. Read a review, leave a review!

4797 Convoy St. San Diego CA 92111
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What People are Saying About Us
  • Sun Feb 08 2015
    Excellent service, Brian brown answered all my questions and was very reasonable ! No buddy likes pushy people. And they were relaxed and easy going
  • Sat Jan 03 2015
    This dealership advertises it won't be undersold but that is a big fat lie. Elk Grove Subaru is offering $3500 off MSRP on 2015 Foresters. I contacted this dealership to see if they would match the offer and they said no. Apparently, they are willing to be undersold. Shame on this dealership for using false advertising. Time to road trip to Elk Grove.
  • Tue Aug 26 2014
    I had the worst experience here I would never ever buy a car for this place. This place has the worst costumer service!!!!!!! I had a check in my hand ready to buy a car from them and they blew it! I'll drive 20 more minutes to go to Carlsbad to buy my car.
  • Mon Feb 03 2014
    I have bought 2 Subaru Outbacks here - have done all the service on both with John and Kathleen and the service department. They are outstanding! It surprises me that everyone hasn't given them 5 stars - I can't say enough about how easy/pleasant they make the process and the service quality has always been excellent! I now drive over 50 miles to service my car there and will continue to do so!
  • Wed Dec 18 2013
    Use great caution before trading in a vehicle at Kearny Mesa Subaru. I recently purchased a vehicle from them and traded in my former car. Apparently they didn't file the proper paperwork with the DMV and now I am receiving past-due notices for the vehicle registration of my trade-in. If that wasn't bad enough, the person they sold my trade-in to got a parking ticket which I received since the title never transferred properly!!! I tried calling and calling their finance dept. which handles title and registration but I get the same recorded message and no returned calls. Kearny Mesa Subaru is VERY unresponsive after the deal is done. BEWARE!
  • Tue Aug 27 2013
    Why the Hell did it take over two and a host hours to service my car. I was told your the best but I was lied to.
  • Tue Aug 20 2013
    Every time I’ve had to deal with Kearny Mesa Subaru’s services department or salespeople, they are always very helpful.